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The new date for the appreciation tournament is Saturday July 23, 2016 at Packy's in Boca at 6:45 PM. Please RSVP by email or at one of our locations.
Please remember we are here to support the bars and the staff.  We ask that you all contribute to the location and purchase food and drinks!
Packy's in Boca on Tuesday and Saturdays at 7:00 PM Brendan's in Pompano Beach - Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 7 PM
Keep looking for new locations as we are always looking for new places to play! 

Come out and see what all the talk is about as we are the BEST poker company out there, we have instant gratification nightly, a bad beat, Battle of the Bars and quarterly finals at all our locations!
We would like to remind everyone some of our standard rules:
1.No talking about the hand on the table
2.No looking at anyone's card there are no exceptions
3.When raising, call the raise or motion with your hand!
4.No string betting!

Some typical sayings at the table...
1.  Donkey - you are only a donkey if you call a raise or bet and you don't have anything and you win!
2.  Bingo - playing poker and winning hands that you should not be in!
3.  If you make a bet and you don't have anything which is a "bluff" that is ok but if someone calls it and you still win and you made the 1st bet, that is ok.  You were trying to bluff the hand and you won, that is not a donkey!
4.  If someone makes the bet and you call when you are chasing or have nothing, that takes away from the tournament style poker.

Remember we are all out there to have fun, please remember our simple rules because we must follow them with no exceptions.  

Thank you for joining us at the establishments, we appreciate your business and you laughter.